Tezos DeFi platform FLAME

SpaceFarm. Decentralized Exchange. Liquidity pool.
  • SpaceFarm with a huge variety of high-yield farms

    You will be able to farm FLAME tokens and many others immediately after launching our SpaceFarm. We will add the maximum number of farms in the near future.
  • Our own FlameDEX including swaps, liquidity pool and Spacefarm

    After the launch of SpaceFarm, we will start developing our own decentralized exchange. Farming and DEX in one place - what could be better? Combining farming and exchange will allow us to attract high liquidity.
  • FLAME tokens will be burned every quarter

    We will buy FLAME tokens on the market during each quarter and burn them to maintain a stable price for the token and its growth. The tokens will also be burned at the end of the FlameDAO sale.
  • FlameDAO governance token with unique distribution system

    A unique system for earning and distributing the FlameDAO governance token. High difficulty in obtaining a token, rarity, and a special distribution system. The FlameDAO governance token will only be available to FLAME community members.

Flame token (Sold out)

  • Initial token supply: 310`000`000 FLAME
  • Maximum token supply: unlimited with quarterly burning
  • Pre-sale: 300`000`000 FLAME*
  • Team: 10% of the tokens sold*
  • Airdrop: 10`000`000 FLAME
  • Smart contract: KT1Wa8yqRBpFCusJWgcQyjhRz7hUQAmFxW7j
  • Token ID: 0
  • Decimals: 6
*All FLAME tokens have been sold. Presale closed. Now you can use FLAME to buy fDAO. The price is 1 fDAO = 25`000 FLAME.

FlameDAO token (fDAO)*

  • Initial token supply: 100`000 fDAO
  • Maximum token supply: 100`000 fDAO
  • Pre-sale: 4000 fDAO*
  • Team: 500 fDAO*
  • Airdrop: 1000 fDAO
  • Smart contract: KT1KPoyzkj82Sbnafm6pfesZKEhyCpXwQfMc
  • Token ID: 0
  • Decimals: 6
*The FLAME token cannot be purchased as part of this Presale. The data is provided for informational purposes only.

Q2 Flame token

During the pre-sale, we will sell a limited number of FLAME tokens. All unsold tokens will be burned. The presale will be held from May 3 to May 22, 2021.

Q3 Space Farm launches

Launch of the SpaceFarm farm with the possibility of staking FLAME tokens and FLAME-XTZ LP liquidity tokens from Quipuswap.com. In the near future, the ability to earn tokens from other projects will be added.

Q3-4 FlameDAO DEX

Launch of your own DEX platform. The ability to exchange all tokens on the Tezos blockchain, add liquidity to pools, more Farms.

Q4 Distribution of FlameDAO tokens

Launch of the FlameDAO governance token with a unique distribution system.
Trade on Quipuswap

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